Morning Prayers 3-31-20

Welcome to Morning Prayer with Justin Mulholland. Join in the prayers from the Celtic Daily Prayer book. May all of us know beautiful moments of "Deep Peace" today, even as we are uprooted and made in this moment to be uncertain. Every blessing upon you all.

Morning Prayer 3-30-20

Good Morning! I hope you enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday! This week our morning prayer will be provided by Justin Mulholland. Justin is a local ministerial candidate here at Knox Knolls and has been taking the lead at Gregory House, our men's ministry house. Thanks to Justin for taking the lead this week. Every blessing upon you all!

The Work of The People - 3-29-20

Welcome to the Work of The People! This our weekly worship service online. It is a compilation of what the people of Knox Knolls have offered up to God in worship. You are invited in. From wherever you are, join in the reading, the praying, the singing and preaching. Our vision at Knox Knolls FMC is to become a church that Welcomes Everyone, and Makes Disciples. Join us in the work of the people and seek in all you do to become more like Jesus. Rejoice and be glad in this day that the Lord has made and given us. March 29, 2020 - Fifth Sunday of Lent Opening Prayer With Abby Cox Almighty God, you alone can bring into order the unruly wills and affections of sinners: Grant your people gr

Morning Prayers 3-26-20

Good Morning! Thank you for joining us in morning prayers from Laurel House this week. Please watch our facebook page for directions regarding our worship service on Sunday morning. Every blessing upon you all!

Morning Prayer 3-25-20

Good Morning! Welcome to morning prayers from Laurel House! Remember today to "walk as children of the light, trying to discern what is pleasing to him." Make one phone call today to someone you love. Send one message, electronic, or in print, to someone who needs to be encouraged. Wave (from at least six feet away) to one neighbor! Every blessing upon you all. Remember the words of Eliza Suggs, "the Lord always provides a way for his children."

Morning Prayer 3-34-20

Good Morning! Thank you for joining us in prayer this morning. Thanks to Nicole Barks and Brenna Byerly for leading us in prayer this week. Stay prayerful, be peaceful, seek God's face, and look for Jesus in those who are hurting and suffering, you will find him there.

The Work Of The People!

As I have wrestled this week with all that social distancing might mean for the church, I have been returning over and over again to two words 'liturgy' and 'fellowship'. Liturgy is not just something that old churches, traditional churches, high churches, or Catholic churches do. The word liturgy means the work of the people. Congregations are not audiences for whom pastors perform. In the Free Methodist Church particularly, lay people and ordained people are co-laborers for Jesus Christ, which brings me to my second word, 'fellowship'. In the scriptures fellowship implies association, participation and sharing. In our present climate, these dynamics have to be reconsidered. The earli

Morning Prayer 3-21-20

Good Morning! Join us tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM for our worship service on our Facebook page. We will using Facebook Live to broadcast our service. Later today I will posting a bulletin at our Facebook page so you can follow along with from home. Remember today that God shatters the doors and bronze and cuts in two the iron bars. Remember today that our God is every bit as present in our troubles as he is in our triumphs. Remember today that we are a people who worship in Spirit and in Truth. Remember today that we are followers of Jesus, the living water, and we have entered in the labor of offering this water to a thirsty world! Blessings upon you all!

Morning Prayer - 3-20-20

Good Morning! Pray today for all of our healthcare workers. God gives skill to people to employ in accomplishing his will and purposes. Pray that God would give our healthcare workers endurance, protection and Spirit empowered skill to care and heal. Pray today for our friend Pastor Matthew Schutter of the Moundford Free Methodist Church. Pastor Matt is having a medical procedure today. Pray for healing, safety and strength for him and for his family. Finally, since we cannot meet as we would like remember to give your tithes to the church as you are able. Give cheerfully online at our website or mail you offerings to the church as you are able. Blessings upon you all!

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