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About us

What is a Free Methodist?

Historically the Free Methodist Church has been marked by five freedoms...

1.  Freedom of all races to worship together in unity.

2.  Freedom of women and men to be treated respectfully and use their gifts equally in the church, in the home and in the world.

3. Freedom of the poor to be treated with dignity in the church and with justice in the world.

4. Freedom of the laity and clergy to be given equal authority and decision-making positions within the church.

5. Freedom of the Holy Spirit to inspire our worship.

The Free Methodist Church has been leading people into deeper relationships with Jesus Christ in Springfield Illinois since 1919.  In 1965 the church moved from the east side of Springfield to its current location in the Knox Knolls neighborhood.    Knox Knolls Free Methodist Church is a place where you can truly belong.  At Knox Knolls FMC, worship is the work of all God's people gathered in His name.  Along with our worship, Knox Knolls offers formation events that will allow you to connect, learn and live a deeper relationship with Jesus.  Our worship and formation prepare us to love our neighbors more completely which is foundation upon which all of our service and mission projects are built.         

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