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Membership Service

Into this holy fellowship the person before you, who has received the sacrament of baptism, who has learned the nature of these privileges and duties, who has been instructed in the teachings and mission of the Free Methodist Church and who has been approved by the local Board of Administration, come to be welcomed into membership. We now propose, in the fear of God, to question Abby as to her faith and purpose, that you may know that she is ready to be admitted into this society.

Beloved in the Lord, you have been baptized into Christ and come now to be received into membership in the Free Methodist Church. We rejoice with you in all God’s mercies that have brought you to this hour; and we join our prayers with yours as you make this sacred undertaking.

1. Do you have the assurance that God has forgiven your sins through faith in Jesus Christ? Answer: I do.


2. Do you believe the Bible is God’s written Word, uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit and do you accept its authority for what you must believe and how you must live? Answer: I do.


3. Do you here resolve, by God’s grace, to be Christlike in heart and life, opening yourself fully to the cleansing and empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit, the guidance of the Scriptures, and the nurture and fellowship of the church? Answer: By God’s enabling grace, I do resolve.


4.Do you accept the Articles of Religion, the Membership Covenant, the goals for Christian conduct and the government of the Free Methodist Church, and will you endeavor to live in harmony with them? Answer: Trusting God’s power to aid me, I do


5. As a follower of Jesus Christ, will you embrace the mission of the Free Methodist Church within and beyond this congregation and will you join us in giving sacrificially of your time, talents and resources to help us carry out that mission? Answer: With God’s help, I will.


I offer you the right elbow of fellowship. I welcome you into The Free Methodist Church. May the experience of membership in this body enrich your life and the life of our church; and may your contribution to its life strengthen both you and all of us.

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