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The Work Of The People!

As I have wrestled this week with all that social distancing might mean for the church, I have been returning over and over again to two words 'liturgy' and 'fellowship'. Liturgy is not just something that old churches, traditional churches, high churches, or Catholic churches do. The word liturgy means the work of the people. Congregations are not audiences for whom pastors perform. In the Free Methodist Church particularly, lay people and ordained people are co-laborers for Jesus Christ, which brings me to my second word, 'fellowship'. In the scriptures fellowship implies association, participation and sharing. In our present climate, these dynamics have to be reconsidered. The earliest followers of Jesus lived in fellowship with one another. They associated. They took part in what was offered and contributed part of what was offered. They shared what they had and gratefully received what others had shared. Our worship service today at Knox Knolls Free Methodist Church is a work of the people. In the video below you will find God's people offering different parts of our worship service. My prayer is that all of us in fellowship together may gratefully receive what they have kindly offered! Tune it at 10:30 AM on Facebook Live for my (pastor Tyler) contribution to the work of the people. May grace and peace be yours in abundance.

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